Interoperability and Communication Security in Emergency Networks

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Title of the proposal: Interoperability and Communication Security in Emergency Networks

Tutor: Prof. Maurizio Casoni

This project focuses on the study of the interoperability of communications systems. The portability of modern technologies allows for new flexibility in the command chain as sophisticated communications equipment can be transported to almost any location. Wireless communication technology is becoming a critical component of the emergency communications infrastructure, not only because of its portability, but equally due to low cost and capability to operate independently from fixed and potentially vulnerable wire line-based trunking for transmission and reception of information.

Communications interoperability in this project is seen as an important technical issue for coordinating emergency response, particularly across agencies from different jurisdictions. Innovations in radio interoperability allows single systems to communicate on a wide range of frequencies.

At the same time, this project will tackle the important issue of communication security because here one of the most important goals is to provide a secure telecommunications infrastructure. To tackle all possible attacks, several operational actions have to be taken to ensure data authentication, data integrity and access control.

Simulation as well as analytical tools will be developed for the investigation of the proposed telecommunication systems.