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Welcome to my Home Page

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Ph.D Electrical/Computer Engineering

Associate Professor of Telecommunications

IEEE, Senior Member



Office: (+39)-059-205-6167

Mobile: (+39)-335-7181820

Our Networking Laboratory


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Good Day

"Io non mi sento Italiano ma, per fortuna o purtroppo, lo sono" (Giorgio Gaber)

( I do not feel to be Italian but, luckily or unfortunately, I am)

current RESEARCH Activities - Open positions available for candidates to Research Grants (Assegni di Ricerca), to Master Thesis and to Ph.D Program

Visit our NetLab Webpage for all available Research Topics:

Proposte di Tesi (in Italian)

Special Issue on Emergency Networks and Future Public Safety Systems

Published Special Issue on Emergency Networks and Future Public Safety Systems of the journal Hindawi Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing.

Authors can still submit their manuscripts through the Manuscript Tracking System at [1]

Submission Deadline 29 March 2019

Publication Date August 2019

Our Annual IEEE Workshop

Workshop on Vehicular Networks for Risk Reduction and Safety-Related Systems and Emergency Networks, within IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications

Panel at IEEE DRCN 2016

My talk in the Panel Network Disaster Management and Recovery at IEEE International Conference on Design of Reliable Communication Networks (DRCN) on March, 16 2016.


Intervista a Radio 24 Smart City, la citta' intelligente, 23 Maggio 2013

La ricerca in ICT

Workshop: "Next Generation Public Safety and Critical Infrastructures"

within European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC 2015) sponsored by the European Commission

General Final Programme available here

Past RESEARCH Activities

- Proposal Abstract

- UNIMORE research staff

- KO meeting April 29-30 2013 in Athens (Agenda)

- 1st General PPDR-TC Meeting in MODENA, October 22-23, 2013: the Agenda

- "Integration of Satellite and LTE for Disaster Recovery" published on IEEE Communications Magazine, March 2015.

- Video 1st Field Test at Schipol Airport Amsterdam - June 2014

- Project Presentation

- UNIMORE staff

- 7th General E-SPONDER Meeting in MODENA, February 7-9, 2012

- E-SPONDER at the Italian Networking Workshop 2014

- The QoE Evaluation Tool published on SIMPAT Elsevier Journal, March 2013.

- "On the Effectiveness of Linux Containers for Network Virtualization" published on SIMPAT Elsevier Journal, February 2013.

- Research group

- Latest IEEE/OSA journal paper, April 2014

- Latest IEEE Communications Letters, September 2014

- UNIMORE research activity: Study and development of a software router for emergency networks

- Partners

- Staff

- KO meeting November 14th 2011 in Turin

Optical Burst Switching: a tutorial by the European Network of Excellence e-Photon/One

The Modular OBS Simulator

"The Satcom contribution to Emergency applications" in ISI Newsletter No.8, 2011

  • Project Wideband Wireless Local Area Network with Alenia Spazio
  • Project MIUR FIRB TANGO (Algorithms and models for Traffic Engineering and Optimization in next generation IP networks)
  • Project MIUR ex-40% 2002 INTREPIDO (Traffic Engineering and Protection in IP over DWDM networks)

TEACHING Activities

Technologies of Network Infrastructures

Fundamentals of Telecommunications

Technologies of Network Infrastructures and Laboratory

Dottorati di Ingegneria a Modena - 12 Marzo 2015


Workshop PRIN 2009 SFINGI - Software routers to Improve Next-Generation Internet

Martedì 15 Ottobre 2013 – ore 9.00

Dipartimento di Ingegneria “Enzo Ferrari”

Workshop on VOICE OVER IP

My talk at VOICE OVER IP Seminar

Giornata di studio su INFRASTRUTTURE AVANZATE PER RETI AD ALTA VELOCITÀ (in Italian) - 5 Aprile 2006


Ferrari, the myth: nothing but the best

In alto stat VIRTUS

Office Address

Dept. of Engineering "Enzo Ferrari"

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Via Pietro Vivarelli, 10/1 - 41125 - Modena - Italy

Building 26, floor 2, room 21