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Ing. Giorgio Calarco, PhD

ICT PhD Student, XXV Cycle

Department of Information Engineering

via Vignolese 905, 41125 Modena (MO), Italy



- Università di Bologna: PhD, at DEIS - Dept. of Computer Science, Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering,

"Software techniques for Multiservice IP Networks" (2005); tutor: Prof. Ing. Giorgio Corazza;

Thesis available here: [1]

- Università di Bologna, Master Degree, Electronic Engineering

Current Research activity

My research activity is mainly focused on Emergency Networks. Emergency Networks are telecommunication infrastructures used to support First Responders (i.e., police, firefighters, etc.) involved in a crisis scenario. I am currently involved in the EU large-scale Integration Project "A holistic approach toward the development of the first responder of the future".


Emergency Networks and Heterogeneous Networks emulation

- “Wireless Networks at the Service of Effective First Responder Work: the E-SPONDER Vision”, G.Calarco, M. Casoni, A. Paganelli , R. Morera, Ch.-M. Chen, M. Wódczak, D. Vassiliadis, An. Garbi, IEEE ISWPC 2010, May 2010, Modena (I);

- “A Satellite based System for Managing Crisis Scenarios: the E-SPONDER Perspective”, D. Vassiliadis, G. Calarco, M. Casoni, A. Paganelli, M. Wodczak, 5th Advanced Satellite Multimedia Systems Conference, September 2010, Cagliari (I)

- “Virtual Networks and Software Router approach for Wireless Emergency Networks Design”, G.Calarco, M.Casoni, IEEE VTC Spring 2011, May 2011, Budapest (H);

- “NetBoxIT: Virtual Emulation Integrated Testbed for the Heterogeneous Networks Design”, G.Calarco, M.Casoni, IEEE LANMAN 2011, Oct 2011, Chapel Hill, NC (USA);

The Click Modular Router

- “Algorithms for Inter-domain Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation”, G.Calarco,C.Raffaelli, IPS 2003 Workshop on Inter-domain Performance and Simulation, Salzburg (A);

- “Design and Implementation of a Test Bed for QoS Trials”, G.Calarco,R.Maccaferri,G. Pau, C.Raffaelli,QOS-IP2003, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 2601 pp.606-618, Milano (I);

- “An Open Modular Router with QoS capabilities”, G.Calarco, C.Raffaelli, 6th IEEE HSNMC2003, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol.2720 pp.146-155, Estoril (P);

- "Implementation of Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation within Open Modular Router”, G.Calarco, C.Raffaelli, , 3rd IEEE ICN 2004 International Conference on Networking, Guadeloupe (F);

- "Design and Implementation of a New Adaptive Algorithm for Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation", G.Calarco, C.Raffaelli, 7th IEEE HSNMC 2004, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol.3079 pp.203-212, Toulouse (F).

- “Implementation of implicit QoS control in a modular software router context”, G.Calarco, C.Raffaelli, QOS-IP 2005, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol.3375 pp. 390-399, Catania (I);

- “Comparative Analysis of SMP Click Scheduling Techniques”, G.Calarco, C.Raffaelli, G.Schembra, G.Tusa, QOS-IP 2005, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol.3375, Catania (I);

- “Software Techniques for Multiservice IP Networks”, PhD Thesis, 2005, [2];

Audio entropy coding

- “A modified arithmetic coder for subband audio compression”, C.Caini,G.Calarco,A.Vanelli Coralli, the 6th IEEE ISPACS, Melbourne (AUS), 1998 - related to my Master Degree Thesis;