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Measurement Systems

On wafer Continuous-Wave Load and Source Pull measurements at 2GHz

Our Lab is equipped with a Load and Source Pull measurements sistem based on a PAF Dragon Switch-Box, an Agilent Vector Network Analyzer and two manual Maury Microwave tuners. Currently we are able to measure On-Wafer Continuous Wave RF performance at 2GHz but the system can easily be extended up to 12GHz. The system is also used for short term Reliability RF Stress test since it is equipped with a Thermal Chuck that allows to test the devices up to 200°C.

Powder loadpull1.jpg

Pulsed I-V measurements down to 80ns

Compound semiconductor devices largely outperform silicon ones but their performance, especially in the early stage of their development, can be far from being stable and reliable. HEMT devices suffer from trapping phenomena that slow down the transistor capability to modulate its drain current. During RF power sweep this phenomena yield low output power and poor efficiency but just from a RF power sweep is quite difficult to evaluate the impact of trapping phenomena on device characteristics. Our lab is equipped with a Pulsed I-V measurement system that allows to measure device characteristics down to pulse widths of 80ns. Comparing the I-V characteristics obtained with fast pulses with those measured under DC conditions allows to quantify the amount of trapping phenomena in the device.

Current Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy measurements

Measurement Instruments

PowDeR N5230Alarge.jpg

Agilent N5230A PNA-L Network Analyzer, 2-ports, up to 13.5 GHz

Quick Reference Guide

PowDeR E4418B-lg.jpg

E4418B EPM Series Single-Channel Power Meter
E4418B RF Power Meter User's Guide

EPM RF Power Meter Programming Guide

PowDeR hp 33250A 800.jpg

Agilent 33250A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 80 MHz

Quick Reference Guide User's Guide

PowDeR BR 8114A white.jpg

Agilent 8114A High Power Pulse Generator, 100 V / 2 A

8114A Pulse Generator User Guide