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This page describes the steps necessary to embed a page within another page.



If you do not provide a namespace, the Template namespace will be used.


{{:Sample Page}} produces the following:

Sample Page

the content of which, as you can see, is located at Sample Page.

Embedded Special Pages

The default install of MediaWiki allows you to embed only select special pages. (See Help:Special_pages#Miscellaneous.) To include an otherwise "unembedable" special page, you must edit the $mList array in the file includes/SpecialPage.php. Each entry is in the format

'Pagename' => array( 'PageType', 'Pagename')

The possible values for PageType are SpecialPage, UnlistedSpecialPage, and IncludableSpecialPage.

Find the entry for the page you want to embed and change the PageType to IncludableSpecialPage. You will now be able to include/embed the special page using the include syntax: {{Special:Pagename}}.

Generated Lists

See: Help:Generated lists

Embeded Images

See: Help:Images