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Fausto Fantini
Full Professor
tel: +39-059-2056165
email: fantini.fausto@unimore.it
web page:http://www.dii.unimo.it/wiki/index.php/User:Fantini

Giovanni Verzellesi
Full Professor
tel: +39-059-2056160
email: verzellesi.giovanni@unimore.it
web page:Verzellesi

Alessandro Chini
Assistant Professor
tel: +39-059-2056164
email: chini.alessandro@unimore.it
web page:http://www.dii.unimo.it/wiki/index.php/User:Achini

Matteo Bonaiuti
Research Assistant
email: bonaiuti.matteo@unimore.it

Mustapha Faqir
Ph.D. Student
tel: +39-059-2056191
email: faqir.mustapha@unimore.it
web page:http://www.dii.unimo.it/wiki/index.php/User:56889

Michele Esposto
Ph.D. Student
tel: +39-059-2056191
email: esposto.michele@unimore.it
web page:http://www.dii.unimo.it/wiki/index.php/User:32490