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- I will give a seminar a the IET event Innovation strategy with RFID at the Museo della Tecnica Elettrica, Pavia, Italy, November 13th, 2009. Download the flyer and the program of the event.


- I will be visiting the Department of Electric and System Engineering at University of Pennsylvania from Oct 1st to Nov 6th. For any communication, please contact me at my email address.

- The student Erio Gandini has been selected for the Phd program at the University of Rennes, starting from October 2009, in the framework of a joint project between IETr and Thalès Alenia Space (TAS).

- Collaboration with Electric and System Engineering Department at University of Pennsylvania with Prof. Nader Engheta, within metamaterials and nanotechnologies at optical frequencies.

- Collaboration with European Space Agency for the realization of an electromagnetic tool for beam tracing in complex environments, such as satellite platforms.

- Collaboration with University of Rennes in the framework of an european Research Network Program (RNP) on "New frontiers in millimetre / sub-millimetre waves integrated dielectric focusing systems".