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Embedded Software Research Group



  1. Luca Pazzi, Marco Pradelli, Architectural issues in mixing heterogeneous paradigms in autonomic systems, DCDS09, Bari, Italy, Presentation;
  2. Luca Pazzi, Marco Pradeli, Modularization issues in Fault-Tolerant and Goal-Based Autonomic Systems, ASI Robotica mobile per esplorazione lunare Unmanned (Mobile robotics for Unmanned lunar exploration, event organized by Italian Space Agency (ASI)), Roma, Italy.


  1. Luca Pazzi, Marco Pradelli, A state-based systemic view of behaviour for safe medical computer applications, IEEE-CBMS2008, Finland, 2008, Presentation
  2. Luca Pazzi, Marco Pradelli, Improving Quality Factors in Model-Based Embedded Software, QEES 2008, Berlin, Germany, 2008, Presentation